How to Host a Halloween Seance

Having a Halloween séance is a frightening, yet fascinating activity that you might want to try at your next Halloween party. Séances have been around for hundreds of years and were a favorite activity during the late 1800s and early 1900s. The point of a séance is to gather people together for the purpose of contacting the dead and receiving their messages from the great beyond. Whether you believe in the afterlife or not, hosting a séance on Halloween can be fun and entertaining for anyone who dares.

Adams Family Seance

The Magic of Three

To prepare for your Halloween séance, three, six, nine, or twelve people can participate. Three is a magical number, so you might have the best chance of success if your séance guests are limited to increments of three. Just make sure you have a big enough table for your guests to sit around. The people you invite should be open-minded and ready to take the séance seriously. Making fun of or mocking the process will only attract and encourage malevolent spirits. One person must serve as the psychic or medium of the séance circle. This person should be open-minded enough to accept the messages that may be delivered from the beyond.

The Circle of Life

Start by preparing a round or oval table, symbolizing the circle of life that is thought to be necessary for a successful séance. Wooden tables are preferable because they help to conduct the energy of the group to the spirit world more effectively, but any round table will do. A light colored tablecloth should be draped over the table to attract only friendly spirits. In the center, you might want to place an offering of natural, aromatic foods for the spirits. Fresh baked bread or warm soup is often used to attract the spirits’ desires for an earthly meal. You can also use incense for this purpose, such as Cinnamon, Sandalwood, or Frankincense. White or purple candles should be lit and placed in the middle of the table to attract the spirits to the warmth of the light. Again, the number three is important when dealing with the spirit world, so remember this when preparing your table display. Dim the lights, turn off the TV, and have everyone turn off their cell phones.

Seance Circle

Preparing to Begin

Your Halloween séance guests will sit around the table and join hands. Everyone should have a prepared list of questions sitting on the table in front of them, so make sure they can see their questions under dimmed lights from their seats. Tell guests to speak calmly and avoid non-essential chitchat with each other. Silence is important so that the spirits can be the primary focus. Hands must remain joined until the séance is over for protection, and to keep the circle energy strong.

Summoning the Spirits

A psychic medium, or the designated group leader, can start out by saying a short blessing to protect the circle from unfriendly spirits. Everyone should then breathe in deeply and free their minds from thought while quietly meditating. The medium will call the spirits by name, saying something like, “Dear spirits (or specific spirit name), we ask you to join us. We ask you for knowledge and insight. We ask that you answer our questions and summon you through the power of light and love.” This should be repeated over and over again until a response is heard.

Seance Candles

The Spirits Respond

Spirit responses can range from simple taps on the table to full-body possession of the medium. Once your group is sure that a spirit is present, people can take turns asking questions. They should be simple yes/no questions that can be answered with one knock for yes and two knocks for no. If the medium begins answering the questions on behalf of the spirit, then more complex questions may be asked. It’s crucial not to let the spirits take over the séance. If a malevolent spirit seems to be messing with the group, end the séance immediately and send the mischievous spirits back to the spirit world. Keep in mind that when a portal is opened up to the spirit world, it is essential that malevolent spirits not be encouraged and emphatically sent away as soon as possible. Protecting the circle with prayer and positive energies must be a top priority.

Breaking the Sacred Circle

Your séance should last a minimum of one hour, but no longer than two. To end a séance properly, thank the spirits, ask them to exit the bodies of those around the table, and to completely leave the room. A final blessing must be said out loud to rid the room of any lingering spirits by telling them to “return to the spirit realm in peace.” Once the participants’ hands are released, the sacred circle will be broken and the séance is complete. It is a good idea to give everyone a few moments to quietly write down their experiences, thoughts, and observations. Afterward, everyone can share their thoughts and reflect on what they learned from the experience.

Seance Invitation

By taking these séance steps seriously, you just might receive some words of wisdom from the great beyond. It’s sure to be a fun and memorable Halloween event for everyone involved, including the spirits. Blessed Be!

Have you ever hosted or participated in a séance? Tell us about it!